New Fitness Platform Offers Cryptocurrency for Burning Calories

Grow your muscles and your wallet too

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Sammi Sowerby RADII Tatler
9:44 PM HKT, Wed April 27, 2022 1 mins read

You read it here first: You can now earn dough while getting rid of your doughy middle (no thanks, Covid). Impakt is a fitness platform that aims to inspire more active lifestyles through an incentivized approach — dangling cryptocurrency before its users.

The brand’s tagline succinctly summarizes its unique selling proposition: “The only platform where jumping jacks earn you crypto.”

Say what you will about money (both digital or physical) being an ignoble source of motivation, but tapping into human greed seems kind of genius to us. Chinese youths, who constitute 50% of Impakt’s beta testers, are also putting in a good word.

“We launched Impakt’s community beta a week ago, and our user numbers have jumped to almost 2,000, mostly Chinese people,” says South China-based partner DukeNuke, who requested RADII use his meta ID. “While we haven’t launched the IDO [initial DEX offering], everyone is playing for experience points, which will later be transferred over.”

The company will have an IDO over the summer, with its own crypto coin set to follow.

Impakt blockchain game

Computer vision technology keeps count of your reps. Image via Impakt

From burpees that leave you breathless to squats that make for sore muscles, Impakt currently offers some 20 movements. Every week after the platform’s public launch, developers will add more exercises to keep things interesting for return users.

Smart alecks who think they can run Impakt in the background while collecting crypto are mistaken. The blockchain home workout platform utilizes computer vision technology to keep all gamers accountable. As Impakt’s user manual explains, ‘your body is the controller.’

Naturally, phone or computer webcams or cameras must be turned on during all workouts for reps to count.

According to DukeNuke, Impakt doesn’t stray far from Axie Infinity, a top-performing game in the GameFi realm. Both involve battling for a spot on their respective leaderboards and scooping up NFTs.

To call them rivals would be inaccurate, though.

“With Impakt, instead of playing to earn, gamers can burn and earn,” says DukeNuke, who exudes complete confidence in Impakt’s singularity, adding, “We have no competitors at present.”

Impakt Blitz Challenge

Turn those push-ups into coins. Image via Impakt

But where are Impakt’s payouts coming from? Not from membership fees, apparently, because there are none. “It is free to play. Free,” reiterates DukeNuke.

With advisors from tech giants such as Facebook, Twitch, and RedOctane onboard, it looks as if the fitness platform already has a foot in the market door.

Whether the revolutionary fitness platform makes a substantial impact on the future of fitness remains to be seen, although Impakt’s open beta launch in a month may offer more insight.

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