Watch: These Online Events are Exploring the Future of China’s Music Industry

The three-month long series of events kicks of with three days of talks, workshops and other events by folks in China's music industry

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9:24 PM HKT, Fri July 17, 2020 1 mins read

Despite the outbreak of Covid-19 in China, musicians have found a number of ways to stay active and continue pushing new sounds out into the world. It’s fitting then that this weekend will see three days of discussions, performances and workshops surrounding Chinese indie music — all online.

International Indie Music Season (IIMS) kicks off with a three-day series taking place from July 17-19, part of a three-month calendar of events from July through September. IIMS is organized by China’s National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Shanghai) and National Copyright Trade Base (Shanghai), in association with Kanjian Music.

The events started today, July 17, at 9.30am and run until 6.30pm (China time). The schedule runs from 1.40-7.30pm on July 18 and 2-7.30pm on July 19 (again, these are China times). The three-day event will take place on a bunch of different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, and more. It’s also totally free to join.

To see a more detailed line-up of the weekend’s events, click here.

Participants in the talks will tackle subjects such as the relationship between digital service providers (DSPs) and indie musicians, the continued rise of traditional music in China, the future of music in the post-pandemic age, as well as much much more.

Some recognizable faces among the speakers over the weekend include singer and producer Yehaiyahan, music lawyer Eric Zhao, and DJ and former RADII marketing director Allyson Toy.


Beyond this weekend, a series of 125 performances will be shown for International Indie Music Season, spotlighting musicians from all over the globe, engaging in a variety of musical styles. More information on those performances will be announced later.

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