Pop Singer Jackson Wang’s New Facial Hair is Going Viral

The "100 Ways" singer documented the progress of a new beard, grown during a 14-day self-quarantine period

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11:53 PM HKT, Thu May 21, 2020

What better time to grow a beard than during a 14-day self-quarantine period?

Pop singer Jackson Wang had those thoughts exactly after he returned to China from South Korea recently. The 88rising affiliate, who dropped his new track “100 Ways” at the beginning of the year, posted his facial hair progress during his self-quarantine to Weibo, Twitter and Instagram:

Netizens and fans of the singer have been expectedly supportive of the star. Among comments on the Instagram post, one user wrote, “You look good either way so whatever you want cause it’s your body and your decision.” How sweet. Meanwhile, actor Ben Baller wrote, “You babo. You should have left the facial hair. You looked good with that rough swag.”

Wang is reportedly back in China to film the new series of Street Dance of China (这就是街舞) a Chinese variety show. He will join other Chinese megastars such as Wang Yibo and Lay Zhang for the third season of the show.


The trio are among a new slate of judges for the show. Luo Zhixiang (Show Luo) was scrapped from the judging line-up after his girlfriend, Grace Chow, revealed he had been cheating on her for years. Luo, incidentally, published a heart-wrenching letter aimed at Chow on Weibo yesterday. The note swiftly went viral, clocking up over 10 million likes as of publication time.


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