Wang Yibo, Xin Liu Among Captains for ‘Street Dance of China’ Season 5

While fans have gushed over Wang’s return for the new season, many netizens are excited about Liu’s participation as the first female captain in the show’s history

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7:37 PM HKT, Wed June 15, 2022 1 mins read

According to posts on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, the fifth season of the dance show Street Dance of China will welcome a new lineup of captains. The show is currently under production, and no official broadcasting dates have been announced yet.

Two of the four leaders have previously appeared in the program: Wang Yibo, who is best known for his leading role in the boys’ love TV series The Untamed, and Han Geng, who is a former member of the K-pop band Super Junior.

The other two captains include Korean-American pop star and actor Lee Seung Hyun, as well as rapper and dancer Liu Yuxin (aka Xin Liu), the latter of whom previously appeared as a contestant on Street Dance of China’s second season and a special guest during season three.

Despite rumors of Blackpink’s Lisa appearing in the upcoming season, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Nevertheless, the Weibo hashtag for the lineup has been viewed more than 160 million times.

Since kicking off in 2018, Street Dance of China, which often features international contestants and the world’s best dancers, has become a global hit.

It also helps that the show’s captains are mostly mega pop stars such as Jackson Wang, Lay Zhang, Henry Lau, and Taiwanese-American entertainer Vanness Wu.

Street Dance of china season 5

Wang Yibo will return as a captain in the fifth season of Street Dance of China

While fans have gushed over Wangs return for the new season, many netizens have been especially excited about Liu’s participation as the first female captain in the show’s history.

The 25-year-old dancer and singer debuted in the reality show Youth With You before joining girl group The9, which disbanded in December 2021. Synonymous with her impressive dance skills and androgynous looks, Liu has millions of fans in China.

Street Dance of china season 5

Street Dance of China

Liu’s fans have been quick to show their support online.

“Yay! I love watching Liu dance. I think she is the best street dancer among female celebrities,” reads one comment.

“Captain Liu is so alpha!” wrote another netizen. “She holds everyone’s attention while performing on stage. I’m looking forward to her appearance on the show!”

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