Self-Isolate and Stream Jay Chou’s New Travel Show on Netflix

The Mandopop legend is seeing the world and doing magic tricks

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6:46 PM HKT, Tue March 31, 2020

Taiwanese pop-idol Jay Chou (周杰倫) has taken a break from hit-making to film J-Style Trip (周游记) a new TV show that features travel, crazy adventures and… magic tricks.

The 12-episode unscripted series premiered on both Chinese station Zhejiang Satellite and Netflix last week, with new episodes arriving weekly. The show offers fans an opportunity to see the world through Chou’s eyes as he embarks on an impromptu “magical” journey around the world with his friends.

The star-studded crew includes Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao, Singaporean musician JJ Lin, and Canadian-born magician and singer Will Tsai, who wowed judges as a contestant on America’s Got Talent in 2017.

The group travels to global destinations like Paris and Singapore, exploring the hidden gems buried in each city and impressing audiences with their mastery of illusion.


To put it mildly, fans are loving the series so far, noting the show’s excitement, humor, and impromptu vibe as major draws.

“You guys thought Jay Chou was still a singer?” reads one comment on the artist’s most recent Instagram post. “Well you’re wrong. Now he’s a magician and a lifestyle influencer.”

Stream Jay Chou’s new series on Netflix here — new episodes are released every Saturday.

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