Jeremy Lin Signs for CBA Team Beijing Ducks

The former NBA star has apparently agreed to swap Toronto for Beijing

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2:43 AM HKT, Wed August 28, 2019 1 mins read

Jeremy Lin has signed for Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) team Beijing Ducks according to local media reports. Well, he did say he always knew his “journey would end in China.”

Update: Looks official. Here’s Lin’s authorized Weibo account:

Jeremy Lin Beijing Ducks CBA

“Beijing, I’m coming” – Jeremy Lin’s official Weibo

And that artwork in its full glory:

jeremy lin china cba beijing ducks

And, oh wow, check out this Douyin (TikTok) announcement video:

Lin — who was a free agent after leaving NBA championship-winning Toronto Raptors this summer — will now seemingly add the Chinese capital to stints in Houston, LA, Charlotte, Brooklyn, and Atlanta. The guard was famously at the center of “Linsanity” during his time at the New York Knicks and though his career has been plagued by injuries, he still enjoys a high profile in China.

As Lin told RADII in an exclusive interview earlier this month, he has family roots in China and feels a strong affinity with the country. During his recent off-season tour to cities including Shanghai and Hangzhou, speculation was rife that he was considering a move to the CBA.


According to SCMP, Lin had been offered 3 million USD to join the Ducks, though exact details of the reported deal are yet to be made public. The Ducks won three CBA titles in four years between 2012 and 2015, but last season failed to make the competition’s semi-finals after finishing fifth in the overall standings.

The 2019-2020 CBA season is scheduled to begin on October 26.

Cover image: Jeremy Lin on stage at a promotional event in China earlier this month

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