Return of the Quack: KFC Relaunches Popular Braised Duck Sandwiches

KFC China has brought back its braised duck sandwiches and wraps in collaboration with popular Wuhan-headquartered brand Zhou Hei Ya

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5:40 PM HKT, Tue November 8, 2022 1 mins read

Yes, you read it right: KFC has introduced another variety of poultry to its China menu, namely duck. On October 31, KFC China relaunched its braised duck chicken sandwiches and wraps in collaboration with the Chinese braised duck chain Zhou Hei Ya.

To pimp out their classic fried chicken fillet sandwiches and wraps, KFC China has added shreds of braised duck, bamboo shoots, and Zhou Hei Ya’s signature sauce. The result is soft, crispy, sweet, savory, numbing and spicy — it’s a quacky mix (see what we did there).

kfc zhou hei ya

A promo poster for the campaign. One sandwich is sold at 21 RMB (2.9 USD) while a wrap is 19 RMB

KFC China first introduced these two products around the same time last year. However, the campaign was only on for a limited time, and many netizens complained that they were unable to order one.

“I’m in! I can finally try the Zhou Hei Ya-style sandwich that I wasn’t able to order last year,” wrote a netizen.

kfc zhou hei ya

The KFC X Zhou Hei Ya sandwich

After the American fast food chain relaunched the braised duck creations, a related hashtag went viral on the microblogging platform Weibo, with 210 million views at the time of writing. While some disliked the unusual taste, many celebrated the unique combination (including the brave culinary cosmonaut who wrote this article.)

“I was shocked to learn KFC has collaborated with Zhou Hei Ya,” a Weibo user commented. “I tried both the sandwich and wrap today, and every bite was satisfying. It was delicious, spicy, and juicy.”

Another gushed, “The combination is addictive!”

kfc zhou hei ya

The joint wrap honestly tastes not much different from a generic fried chicken wrap

Founded in Wuhan in 1997, Zhou Hei Ya mainly produces braised duck and vegetable dishes. In 2016, the food chain went public in Hong Kong.

KFC China is known to regularly localize its menu and has produced mouthwatering —and sometimes cringe-worthy — products, such as xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), a rendition of Wuhan’s hot and dry noodles, and odorous snail noodles.

All images via Weibo

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