Rapper TangoZ Promotes KFC’s Soup Dumplings in New MV

Presenting the latest example of hip hop culture being hijacked to push products

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4:38 PM HKT, Fri September 2, 2022 1 mins read

In case you missed it, KFC China reintroduced xiaolongbao — China’s iconic soup dumpling — to its breakfast menu in select parts of the country on August 22. As part of the promotional campaign for the new menu item, the fast food chain has released a rap song and music video in collaboration with Chinese rapper TangoZ.

In the MV, mouthwatering shots of xiaolongbao are interspersed with scenes of the artist dancing, eating, and rapping on-theme lines such as: “Go go go, the flour is elastic. Pinch pinch pinch, this pleated work of art.”

xiaolongbao tangoz kfc

TangoZ tucking into xiaolongbao in KFC’s promotional MV. Screengrab via Weibo

TangoZ, whose real name is Zhong Qi, is best known for performing on the Chinese reality competition show Rap for Youth (说唱新世代) in 2020.

Earlier this year, the rapper made waves on the internet and was turned into memes for striking a series of awkward poses at a red carpet event. Some netizens mocked the artist for desperately wanting to pay homage to Big Bang’s G-Dragon, whose signature poses are similar.

xiaolongbao tangoz rap

Memes of TangoZ juxtaposed with K-pop idol G-Dragon. Image via Weibo

This is not the first time a Chinese brand has released a rap song to promote its new products. In fact, rap has long been used in advertising in China, thanks to reality shows like Rap of China that have launched the music genre into the mainstream. For example, liquor brand Moutai caused a stir last year by dropping a cringy banger titled ‘Oh, it’s Moutai.’

KFC, too, has turned to rap for its past promotions. In 2020, the fast food giant produced a rap commercial for a fried shrimp dish using the lyrics, “One shrimp, two shrimp, three shrimp, four shrimp. In one bite, I eat one whole shrimp.” Watch it here on the Chinese video platform Youku.

Cover image via Weibo

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