Kickstart This: Tokyo-Based Producer Hamacide Preparing New Album with Chinese Collaborators

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8:08 PM HKT, Wed August 1, 2018 1 mins read

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d like to listen to some quality new music and I wouldn’t even mind paying for it?” If you hold such retro thoughts let me direct you to this Kickstarter campaign, only a few days in:

The project is for Tokyo-based producer Yusuke Hama, aka Hamacide, who is preparing his first release in 8 years. Here’s the pitch:

This album and the accompanying videos have been a long time coming. I am putting my heart and soul into making this project and making it my #1 priority. This is a giant step for me in focusing more on making my own music and video content and paving the way to be able to make a living doing creative work… I am currently putting the finishing touches on my first Hamacide release in 8 years. I will also produce 2 music videos to accompany the album. I have been shooting some video already, but I need your help to fully complete this project and bring it to fruition.

Before relocating to Tokyo, Hamacide was a constant presence on the Shanghai underground scene, lending his talents to a number of projects including the demonic, dirtied up trap (before trap was TRAP) duo S L V, and a collaboration with multi-talented Shanghai vocalist ChaCha.



ChaCha also features on the forthcoming Hamacide EP, as does one-time Shanghai resident CrunchyBird, so there’s the China connection for you. Rewards start with a free digital download for about 9USD, and move up to packages that include DIY goodies like stickers, pins, and liner note shoutouts.

Read the full pitch from Hamacide and support the project here.

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