Kris Wu Accused of Predatory Behavior

Rumored girlfriend, Du Meizhu, accused Kris Wu of approaching underaged girls

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1:31 AM HKT, Sat July 10, 2021 1 mins read

Kris Wu, an A-list Chinese celebrity, is accused of infidelity as well as predatory behavior by rumored girlfriend Du Meizhu. Wu and his team have fired back denying the allegations, taking legal action.

Who is Kris Wu?

Kris Wu was a former member of the sensational Korean boy groups, “EXO” and “EXO-M”, before flying solo as a musician and actor in China. He has appeared on a plethora of Chinese variety shows, like The Rap of China, and has starred in many Chinese box office hits, and in recent years, has also debuted in Hollywood. On Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, he has over 50 million followers.


How did this start?

Prior to this incident, Wu made headlines when photos of him renting out a movie theater for a date surfaced on the internet. According to his team, the movie theater had infringed on his privacy, and they took legal action. Amidst this scandal, Du Meizhu, a college student, came out and proclaimed that she had been dating Wu and he had admitted to cheating on her.



On July 8th she released a post on Weibo voicing her thoughts and showing screenshots of alleged conversations between Wu and underaged girls. In it, she details her struggle with mental health, due to his alleged unfaithful behavior to her.

Du Meizhu Accuses Wu of Predatory Behavior (Weibo)

She writes about how her suicide ideations developed “because so many people were exposing Mr. Wu’s unfaithful behavior to [her]” and how she “even received death threats from some of his fans”.

Du also alleges that the celebrity had a special WeChat account that he used to contact underage girls. According to her, Wu used pretenses such as recruiting new artists and casting female leads for music videos to lure girls into playing drinking games, “all while sweet talking: I’ll take care of you, I want to be with you.” She claims that she was just one of his many conquests that had fallen for his tricks.

In response to this explosive post, Wu and his team have published a post of their own on Weibo denying all claims. In it, Wu and team denounced her accusation as “malicious slander” and a “sensationalized story aimed at drawing people’s attention.” They’ve now filed a defamation lawsuit against Du and reposted a legal statement denying the allegations.

Kris Wu Denies Allegations and Files Lawsuit (Weibo)

The Public’s Reaction

The accusations have sparked mixed responses from Chinese netizens. Some question the credibility of her screenshots, pointing out they could have been easily fabricated. Public doubt heightened when Du went on a livestream after her post became viral where she refused to speak on the topic. In response to these reactions, Du claims that she would never falsify any screenshots or videos for the sake of clout, and was only trying to stand up for the victims of Wu’s behavior.

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