Kris Wu and Angelababy Open Tokyo Streetwear Store in New iQIYI TV Show

Kris Wu, Angelababy, and Will Pan are set to star in a new iQIYI series where they'll be challenged to open a brand new streetwear store in Tokyo

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10:58 PM HKT, Sun November 10, 2019 1 mins read

From Froyo to phones, computers to McDonald’s — and lots, lots more besides — Kris Wu is no stranger to selling shit. But now, the bad-boy heartthrob selling stuff is the literal premise of a forthcoming reality TV show.

iQIYI, the mega-platform that streamed Rap of China, is producing a new show about China’s streetwear scene, in which Kris will operate a pop-up clothing store in Tokyo with the goal of reaching a 30-day revenue target of 10 million yen (92,000USD).

The show, entitled Fourtry (潮流合伙人), will also feature a slate of celebrity guests, including fellow Rap of China judge Wilbur Pan, megastar Angelababy, Wandering Earth actress Zhao Jinmai, and Rap of China graduate Fox.

The show will have a “strong focus on original Chinese designs,” according to William Chan, Senior Vice President of iQIYI and Executive Producer of Fourtry. “[It] will provide audiences with a brand-new perspective on the diversity and inclusiveness of cultural trends and redefine the role of the Chinese pop culture trends and influence.”


In typical iQIYI fashion, Fourtry will feature a number of high-profile sponsorships. Vivo phones and products will be included in the programming, while brands such as Lancôme, Pepsi, Ikea, Mazda, and Chivas will also make appearances. Aomygod, another sponsor, will be authorized to sell Fourtry-brand clothes so that fans can own and buy the clothes they see on their screens.

The show taps into the current streetwear trend in China, as well as an emphasis on the resurgence of Chinese-made fashion over international influences.


Fourtry will premiere on iQIYI at the end of this year. We’ll be watching.

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