Kris Wu Snags Number 1 Spot on US iTunes in Collab with Travis Scott

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10:56 AM HKT, Fri October 13, 2017 1 mins read

File this one under things you didn’t see coming and will likely never see again.

We’ve been talking about Kris Wu a lot here. He’s kind of a pet subject of ours, and we even did an entire week with the photo theme “Kris Wu selling shit.” So we consider ourselves to be pretty in-the-loop as far as Kris goes.

Nonetheless, we were zero percent prepared for Kris Wu to collab with Travis Scott, and even less prepared for him to take the number one track on US iTunes.

Honestly, we’re ready to admit that this whole thing’s getting a little out of hand.

The track is a smooth trappy banger that puts Kris’ new solo persona right there in his comfort zone next to his American counterpart, Travis Scott. The iTunes development comes along mere hours after we accused Kris of biting Travis’ style (if anything, just more evidence that you should trust us as your first resource for Kris Wu insight). It might be the first time we’ve seen any Chinese artist get mentioned on Pitchfork or Billboard.

In an interview with Beats 1, Kris shed some light on the recording process, explaining that the two actually met up in Los Angeles to record the track.

“I’m based out still in China, in Beijing, but I try to fly out every time when I make music. I think it’s so important that you want to be in the room with these people making music together, because that’s what it’s all about. Especially hip-hop music, because you have to be vibing.”

He also revealed that he plans to drop a major album in 2018, one that will “fully represent him as an artist,” that he’s “been working on for a couple years now,” and that will “establish him as a face of youth of China.”

Sheesh. Well, a number one iTunes spot isn’t a bad way to start.

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