LISTEN: Asian Dope Boys Mix #1 by IKKE

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5:07 AM HKT, Sun February 25, 2018

Asian Dope Boys, the fashion/art/performance/music collective launched by Beijing contemporary artist Chen Tianzhuo in 2015, has just pulled the curtain back on their latest project: a new series of mixes called ADB mix. From the WeChat announcement (link in Chinese):

From the beginning of this year, we will invite interesting musicians and DJs to make some ADB mixes for us. When we don’t have events, we can play songs and dance at home.

We hope that ADB mix will be a very dynamic project, and an open platform to find more young and new faces for us… For the first phase we invited a young boy, IKKE, to do our first guest mix. If you’ve come to some of our parties or go to [Shanghai club] ALL often, you might be familiar with him — IKKE has been a super active DJ in the Shanghai music scene since I heard his first set in May last year.

IKKE’s ADB mix kicks off with the tribalistic reimagining of 2003 J-Kwon chart-topper “Tipsy” you never knew you needed, and gets better/weirder from there. Enjoy the stream below, and if you find yourself in Cleveland on July 13 for some reason, take note: Chen Tianzhuo and the Asian Dope Boys will bring their singular performative style to the opening gala of the 2018 Cleveland Triennial on that date.


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