Hear Chengdu’s Dance Underground via 33 Studio Radio

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8:18 PM HKT, Thu February 8, 2018

If you’re looking for some chill house/techno vibes to backstop your work day, let me point you to this recent discovery: 33 Studio Radio, a web station broadcasting straight from the Chengdu underground.

According to my source on the ground there, 33 Studio is a loose collective of local DJs led by Xiaolong, a longtime staple of the Chengdu scene. They solicit mixes from likeminded producers from around the country (and further afield) to program their streaming radio station. So far the 33 Studio crew — which in addition to Xiaolong includes Chengdu DJs Summer, Gennady, Rui, and Jia — have collected about 20 mixes on a NetEase Music page, which was updated with two fresh entries in late January.



If NetEase isn’t playing nice with your internet connection, 33 Studio also maintains a Soundcloud, though that gets updated less frequently. Here’s a mix from Beijing tech-house mainstay Mickey Zhang in case you wanna get going without leaving this page:

Cover image: 33 Studio Soundcloud

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