Listen: New Mixes of Chinese Music from NYU and Crack Magazine

NYU's East Asian Studies dept just launched a biweekly playlist featuring Higher Brothers and Howie Lee while Lee curates a mix of traditional Chinese music for Crack magazine

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5:09 AM HKT, Thu February 14, 2019 1 mins read

Hey, here’s a new thing to pile on top of your Spotify queue: the East Asian Studies department of New York University has just launched a biweekly playlist of exclusively East Asian music.

Their first entry, released today, is called Lunar ’19 and features “the best and most festive Korean and Chinese music” in celebration of the just-begun Year of the Pig. A quick spin through the song list shows two tracks apiece from RADII regulars Higher Brothers and Howie Lee (though none of either artist’s specifically Lunar New Year-themed jams), a deep cut from Do Hits affiliate ZHI16, and some high-gloss pop tunes from Teresa Teng and Faye Wong. Stream that here.

Meanwhile, over at Crack magazine, Howie Lee has just put out his own vaguely Spring Festival-aligned mix of traditional Chinese music. He tells Crack:

This set includes some of my favourite Chinese hits… Including the best traditional drum players 朱啸林 (Zhu Xiao-Lin), 阎学敏 (Yim Hok-Man) and 吴顺喜 (Wu Shunxi), folk music from different regions of China and some westernised classical Chinese orchestra.

Find that one here, and click on for RADII’s own Pig Year playlists:

Cover photo: Mù Chè Shān Chū by Howie Lee

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