McDonald’s Launches “Oreo Spam Burger”

This time, the customers are fighting back

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5:53 PM HKT, Sat December 19, 2020 1 mins read

In China, the phrase “American fast food” can be used with great liberty. We’ve documented the diversity of local menus, surveyed patrons on the Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce, and lamented the unholy birth of durian chicken nuggets.

This time though, McDonald’s China has slapped its customers in the face, serving up the dish nobody asked for: the Oreo Spam Burger.

The Oreo Spam Burger is exactly what it sounds like. Meat that’s even faker than the usual McDonald’s fare, topped with a fine crumbling of Oreo cookies, and finished with an overly-generous glaze of mayonnaise.

Now, we’ve been stunned by gimmick offerings before. Who could forget when KFC started selling self-heating snail noodles? Or the fried-chicken-pizza hybrid?

But there is virtue in this world. When it came to the McDonald’s Oreo Spam Burger, the internet was of one mind.


“It’s not necessary to release all these new products,” reads the top-rated comment on the official McDonald’s Weibo announcement.

“Can cookies and lunch meat really be good?” asks another. “And they forced this awkward name. Both the product and marketing departments deserve a salary cut.”

While users mostly took issue with the sandwich’s very identity, some focused on its bizarre name, 给利奥餐肉堡 Gei Li Ao Can Rou Bao, which attempts to fuse together parts of the words “spam” and “Oreo.”

“Respect the food,” writes another commenter, clearly at the end of his rope. “Don’t be like KFC.”

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