RADII Mix: New Tunes for Year of the Rat

A feature-film-length mix of new tunes that'll be soundtracking our 2020

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8:44 PM HKT, Fri January 24, 2020 2 mins read

Yin (音, “music”) is a weekly RADII feature that looks at Chinese songs spanning hip hop to folk to modern experimental, and everything in between. Drop us a line if you have a suggestion.

Happy Year of the METAL RAT! To celebrate we’ve put together a feature-film-length mix of new tunes that’ll be soundtracking our 2020. Premieres, previews, demos and deep cuts from some our favorite artists covering a wide geographical and genre spread. Stream it below, and find a full track list below the embed.

[00:00] Zhang Ke – “钟声2″play rec, forthcoming

[00:37] Deadly Cradle Death – “Deadly Keithyeetal”Maybe Mars, forthcoming

BurgerSuicideClub performs at a RADII event at ALL, Shanghai, November 2019

[05:36] BurgerSuicideClub – “Second Hand Wig” — demo; look for a debut release from this Shanghai band in 2020

[10:02] Mirrors – “Within an Endless Dream” — Ruby Eyes Records

[15:31] 工工工 – Rhythm n’ Drone III — excerpt from an upcoming, self-released cassette; watch for 工工工 to embark on another ambitious tour in May

[18:54] Wang Zijian – “热风” WV Sorcerer, forthcoming

[23:45] The Bad Molds – “Dancing with the Dead Lover”Spacefruity Records, forthcoming

[26:30] Gatsby in a Daze – “Volcanic Elegy” — Ruby Eyes Records

[32:39] Nein or Gas Mus – “A Story of Chaosreload” (demo) Qiii Snacks, forthcoming

[36:02] Tingting x Xi Chenchen x Blurrycloud – “Sleepy Winter” Eating Music, forthcoming

[39:44] ver_1015e – “Dark Disco” (excerpt) RAN, forthcoming

[41:11] L_Y_Li – “Chasing the Sun” RAN Groove, forthcoming

[44:05] GUAN – “Drone A” — preview from an upcoming release by the Hangzhou producer and FunctionLab co-founder

[48:35] kaishandao – “demo” — preview of coming attractions from the Chengdu underground pot-stirrer

[50:21] Stolen – “Electric Echo” (remix) — from an upcoming EP remixing some earlier tracks from New Order’s favorite band, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a comprehensive China tour this year

[54:57] GG Lobster – “Adoration of Sons” — just released on FunctionLab

[59:03] T5UMUT5UMU – “Thunder Squall”FunctionLab, forthcoming

[01:02:13] Vengeful Spectre – “The Expendables” — early contender for heaviest of 2020, released last week by Chinese Metal purveyors nonpareil, PEST Productions

[01:09:00] Sheng Jie – “Menbasaitunabo” — this solo album by classically trained violinist and consummate experimentalist Sheng Jie (aka gogoj) is set to finally get a proper release this year, from WV Sorcerer x Maybe Noise

[01:14:14] Wang Xiao – “The Son of Black Horse River” WV Sorcerer, forthcoming

[01:19:22] 白金花 – “额尔德尼赛罕” — from the excellent, recent Sound of Walking compilation

[01:24:40] Shushu & Swimful – “Things You Don’t Need to Know” — preview cut from a forthcoming collaboration

[01:28:45] Bloodz Boi – “Hey Moon” (ft. Katie Vick) Bubble Gum Violence, forthcoming

[01:31:55] jiafeng – “圆寂美少女” — a taste of protean artist jiafeng‘s latest incarnation/avatar

More great music from China:

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