Mobike Arrives in Manchester

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8:25 AM HKT, Wed June 14, 2017 1 mins read

Mobike finally got its SEO game fixed. For the longest time, Google kept insisting mobike wasn’t a thing and that maybe I really just wanted news about “mobile.” That all changed today, probably in no small part because people outside Asia now have reason to Google “Mobike”:

While still No. 2 in the Chinese domestic market, behind Ofo, Mobike has taken a big step in the international game, launching 1,000 bikes in Manchester. As announced on Mobike’s Twitter account (which still has an adorably low number of followers, at 292 as of time of publication*):

Ofo actually beat Mobike to England, as the Guardian notes, but on a much smaller scale (50 bikes in Cambridge in April). The competition is just heating up. From the previous Guardian link:

“I would like to be in at least three cities in the UK by the end of the year,” said Joseph Seal-Driver, Ofo’s UK operations director. “An obvious place to go is London. That’s where there are real problems with congestion and air quality, in particular.”

It’ll only be a matter of time before these companies are Stateside. Ofo was recently valued at $1 billion, while Mobike has raised more than $300 million this year alone. The wheel of fortune spins on, until one is crushed.

* I know, I know, when it comes to Twitter followers, we’re really one to talk.

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