Here Are the Most Beautiful Places in China

"Chinese National Geography" just released their list of the country's most beautiful locales - here are just a few of the best spots for China photography

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12:55 AM HKT, Wed October 9, 2019

The travel magazine Chinese National Geography published their definitive list yesterday of China’s most beautiful locales. The endeavor lasted 8 months and involved collaboration with 34 media organizations across the country.

In the article, scenic shots are broken up into eight categories: lakes, waterfalls, mountains, villages, canyons, caves, grasslands, and deserts; and these categories each have a poetic introduction for the reader.

Domestic tourism is a massive industry in China, generating more than 5 billion RMB (nearly 700 million USD) in income in 2018, which represents an increase of over 12 percent from 2017, according to China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2018, Chinese domestic travelers are estimated to have made more than 5.5 billion trips.

But enough talk. You want to see the pictures. Here are just some of the locations featured in Chinese National Geography‘s roundup.

Qinghai Lake

Tiger Leaping Gorge


Lake Nam

Huanglong Cave, Zhangjiajie

Taklamakan Desert

Detian Waterfall


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