Namesake Showcases New Collection on Shanghai Basketball Court

The eclectic fashion event drew an assortment of Shanghai’s movers and shakers, including Feezy from hip hop group Straight Fire Gang and French hip hop dancer Bouboo

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6:38 PM HKT, Wed February 23, 2022 1 mins read

If you think a basketball court hidden among a warren of alleyways in Shanghai’s northern district of Hongkou is a bizarre location for a fashion event, the rising Taiwan-based fashion brand Namesake would disagree.

On February 18, the brand held the second promotional event for their latest collection, “Home Court,” in Shanghai. The event was part of a global tour and was held in collaboration with local music collective Yeti Out, who tell us the final event will be held in Los Angeles.

“Home Court” debuted on January 22, during Paris Fashion Week, and it’s now available on the brand’s website.

Launched in 2020 by three designer brothers and their father, Namesake is a fashion label featuring basketball-inspired silhouettes.

The Chinese name of the brand, Yi Fu Zhi Ming (以父之名), directly translates to “In the name of the father” and pays homage to the special bond between the three designers and their kin.

Growing up between Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S., the trio channels the third-culture-kid spirit in their designs in an attempt to put Taipei on the fashion map.

Drawing influence from Japanese denim-making crafts and American sportswear culture, Namesake aims to create contemporary clothing that appeals to younger generations and diverse backgrounds. Looking at the threads on display at the Shanghai showcase, we’re comfortable saying the label’s newest collection achieves its goals in fine fashion.


Posters for the new collection “Home Court” hung alongside the basketball court

The new collection was showcased and available for purchase on the court during the event, which involved four local basketball teams competing in a small 3v3 tournament.

namesake collection court

Namesake’s new collection being showcased on the basketball court

player wears NAMESAKE custom outfit

Two basketball players in custom Namesake outfits

The tournament prize was a ceramic basketball created by Chinese brand Yeenjoy, which describes itself as “a label that fuses traditional Chinese craftsmanship with street culture.”

The custom prize created by YEENJOY.

The ceramic trophy created by Yeenjoy

Athletes from different countries battled on the court to thumping hip hop beats curated by Yeti Out, while Benjamin Gong, a Taiwanese-American MC, provided commentary on the matches in English and Chinese.

“What I like about basketball is that it brings people together. It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you are short or tall, beautiful or ugly, you can still have fun,” Gong told RADII after the game.

Many notable artists, such as Feezy from hip hop group Straight Fire Gang and French hip hop dancer and influencer Bouboo, also watched the tournament while sipping cocktails and chatting courtside.

All images courtesy of Yeti Out

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