NBA’s James Harden Sells 10,000 Bottles of Wine in Seconds, Does Cartwheel

The lightning-fast sales event elicited an unexpected celebration from an excited Harden

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3:04 PM HKT, Tue August 22, 2023 1 mins read

NBA superstar James Harden likely did not anticipate the immense popularity his wine brand would achieve in China. In a matter of seconds during a livestream event on Tuesday, 10,000 bottles of Harden’s J-Harden wine collection vanished from the shelves.

The event, hosted by wildly popular Chinese livestreamer “Crazy Brother Yang,” drew over 2 million eager viewers. When Yang asked how many bottles Harden usually sold each day, Harden replied “a few cases.”

Yang told Harden to watch how quickly he could sell them, and the NBA star sat back with his arms crossed to see the results. When Yang initiated the sale, around 5,000 orders at $60 each came flooding in, racking up $300,000 in mere moments.

A stunned Harden laughed and applauded in disbelief as the numbers appeared onscreen, profusely thanking the audience. His excitement piqued when another 6,000 bottles sold out instantly after being added to the inventory. Harden celebrated with an impromptu cartwheel, putting an exclamation point on the event.

Livestream shopping has exploded in China, allowing celebrities to directly engage consumers. Harden’s already substantial fan base in China, stemming from the NBA’s immense popularity there, facilitated the lightning-fast sellout. And although partnerships between China and the NBA were touch-and-go for a while, it’s clear that the relationship is here to stay.

Introduced in August 2022 in collaboration with Accolade Wines, Harden’s signature wine displays his bearded silhouette on every bottle. The collection includes a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Red Blend, and a Prosecco, retailing for $20 each in the U.S.

The monumental success of Harden’s wine on this Chinese livestream platform demonstrates the formidable combination of celebrity influence and real-time e-commerce. It’s clear Harden may have found a secondary career in China as an influencer if he ever tires of professional basketball. But for now, cheers to Harden’s lucrative launch in the Chinese market.

Cover image via Crazy Brother Yang

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