Nicki Minaj’s New Thing is… Vaguely Chinese?

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11:43 PM HKT, Wed April 11, 2018 1 mins read

So Nicki Minaj is getting ready to put out some new material, and she just dropped the Instagram bombs to prove it:

She’s been on the Barbie trip for a while, but Chun-Li is a new one. The unveiling of this new alter-ego has also coincided with the update of Nicki’s Instagram profile pic to this, which is based on Mulan? Or something?

Chun-Li, if you never owned a Sega Genesis, is a video game character who was born in 1991, debuting in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. According to creator Akira Nishitani, she was the first female character in this genre:

Previously there were no women in fighting games. In Chun Li’s case, I wanted a woman in the game. I determined what her fighting abilities would be. Then China just came up as a possible homeland.


As to the logic behind Nicki’s appropriation of this character, there are a few theories. Billboard argues that, like Nicki Minaj,

Chun-Li is the pinnacle for justice, as portrayed by her deep care for protecting innocence and love for children. Throughout the series, she defends and saves young girls who are mistreated, all with a badass attitude and impeccable investigative skills.

Hollywood Life notes that “Chun-Li is recognized for her investigative skills, beauty, and her ability to be fluent in English.” Ok. We think it maybe has something to do with her Chinese tattoo?

In any case, looking forward to hearing this tune when it drops on Thursday! Fingers double crossed for a Lil’ Wayne guest verse as Dhalsim!

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