More Than Half of Chinese Millennials “Have No Sex Life” According to New Survey

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10:25 PM HKT, Mon August 20, 2018 1 mins read

More than half of Chinese millennials “have no sex life.” At least, that’s one of the banner claims to emerge from a new survey commissioned by TryFun, an adult toy manufacturer backed by NetEase (one of China’s biggest internet companies).

Last week the company released the results of their “China Sex Report of the 8090 Generation” (referring to those born in the 1980s and ’90s), which included the finding that “over 50% of those below the age of 25 have no sex life.”

That makes for some nice headlines, but probably needs to be put into a bit of context. For one thing, the survey sample is relatively small: there were fewer than 4,500 respondents. For another, it’s limited to those with a NetEase inbox. It’s an attention-grabbing stat to throw out as a company looking to get some exposure for your products, but not necessarily the most scientific of data sets.

That said, the survey does make for some interesting reading. It mostly deals with the market for adult toys, but before that it presents some general info on the state of Chinese young people’s sex lives:

Male respondents are apparently having sex more regularly than female respondents, with the percentages on the right there indicating the proportion of those who took the survey who are having sex at least once a week. As to whether they’re telling the truth here, who can really say?

This graph shows how often the respondents say they have sex, with ages down the left and the key on the right breaking it down by “on average more than twice a week”, “once a week”, “once every 0.5 months”, “once a month”, “less than once a month”, and finally “other” for that grey color.

One more graphic that caught our eye: this breakdown by city tier. First tier cities — i.e. what the government classifies as the most developed parts of the country — make up the top line, followed by second and third tier cities, with the same frequencies on the right as laid out for the previous chart.

Along the bottom there are some choice city stats: 45% of Shanghai and Beijing residents apparently have sex more than once a week, while in Guangzhou and Hangzhou it’s 50%, Shenzhen 60%, and in Sichuan province 67.3% of people are at it more than once a week.

You can dig into the full report (Chinese only) right here.


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