Scandalized Rapper PG One Attempts Comeback, Doesn’t Last 24 Hours

Scandalized Rapper PG One Attempts Comeback, Doesn’t Last 24 Hours

Rapper PG One’s new accounts on Chinese social media were banned in a single day, as his past scandals continue to haunt his career

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12:55 PM HKT, Thu April 27, 2023 1 mins read

PG One’s short-lived comeback is making waves on Chinese social media for all the wrong reasons.

The rapper rose to fame after winning 2017’s immensely popular Rap of China competition. But shortly after he was crowned co-champion, the internet unearthed a series of controversial revelations. In response, authorities blacklisted him, entirely wiping his presence from social media.

PG One — who was banned for, among other things, alluding to drug use — attempted a comeback on 4/20. He managed to create new accounts on Chinese social media, releasing his new song under the name Wang Weichu.

The song had positive, upbeat lyrics — but it didn’t last long. Authorities almost immediately deleted PG One’s new account and removed the new track amidst a torrent of user complaints.

News of the failed comeback attempt shot to a top trending position on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, reigniting debates around celebrity accountability and censorship in China.

“They’re adults,” wrote one commenter. “They have to pay for their actions. If apologies were useful, what would we have police and prisons for?”

PG One’s career took a nosedive in 2018 after paparazzi photographed him spending the night with married actress Li Xiaolu. The scandal caught the public’s attention, and the rapper faced immediate backlash — not just for the controversy with Li, but also for his explicit lyrics promoting drugs and sex.

The lyrics starkly contrasted with the themes of traditional Chinese values, which other rappers have successfully used to gain good standing with media authorities.

After the failed comeback attempt, PG One posted a lengthy article on social media asking for forgiveness. He apologized for his mistakes, explaining that he had been focusing on music for the past five years with no intention of making a comeback. He also shared that he was exhausted from the pressure and the constant bans on his music.

Some people, meanwhile, are pointing out the discrepancy between PG One and Li Xiaolu. Li’s social media accounts are all available, despite her involvement in the scandal.

“Why isn’t Li Xiaolu banned,” asks another top-rated comment, with plenty of replies.

Nonetheless, for PG One, it’s back to the drawing board.

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