Photo of the Day: Dinosaur Egg Geological Museum, Wuhan

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6:00 PM HKT, Thu May 17, 2018

Friday 18th May is World Museum Day, a celebration of knowledge-serving institutions that’s been in the calendar since 1977. Museums across China often go big for the day, offering free or discounted entry and holding special events. Our photo theme this week is Masterful Museums — dedicated to showcasing some of the country’s most visually stunning museums.

Wuhan’s Dinosaur Egg Geological Museum on the slopes of Qinglong Mountain made it onto a number of architecture “best of” lists when it opened in 2016, including Dezeen’s “10 Best Public Buildings in the World”. And deservedly so. Designed by a team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, it’s a stunning structure to take in, snaking its way over the uneven hillside in small, easily navigable sections.

With “bamboo textured walls”, natural ventilation, and chimney-like skylights, it’s a work of architecture that doesn’t overly disrupt its surroundings — and is as much of an attraction as the exhibits held within.


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