Click-through: 3D Tour of “Dinosaurs of China”

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2:24 AM HKT, Sun December 3, 2017

We’ve previously covered Dinosaurs of China, an exhibition of choice cuts from Chinese paleontology that recently closed at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham — mainly we praised its Twitter game, which was our “go-to source for tiny, daily joys” during the show’s run.

Alas, the show has closed, but it lives on virtually via this super rad 3D tour. Like that virtual oracle bone we wrote up the other week, these eminent Chinasaurs can be clicked around and thoroughly explored in your browser, or in a VR headset if you happen to be so equipped.

Enjoy this all-access blast from China’s Cretaceous past here, and read about a “record haul of egg fossils from [an] ancient flying reptile” recently unearthed in a Chinese stretch of the Gobi Desert here.

Dragons! Pterosaurs!

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