Twitter Bits: Blue Mushrooms, Pink Grass, and Chinese Dinos

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4:00 PM HKT, Wed October 25, 2017 1 mins read

Well, it’s been a pretty full news week what with the big Party Congress happening, but the fine journalists at China Daily know how to take the time out to smell the roses. Or, whatever oddly discolored fauna they might happen to stumble across. Pink grass, for instance:


And if you think that was the only member of the plant kingdom blooming in incandescent, otherworldly hues that China Daily got the scoop on this week… you’d be technically correct, but they did manage to cover this radically blue mushroom in southwestern Yunnan, a province known for its prodigious fungal diversity:

We’ll chomp a few of those and report from the other side of the rabbit hole.

What else… Chinese dinosaurs! Lots of them, making many Brits very, very happy. We must say that the Chinasaurs Twitter — the official social media channel for the Dinosaurs of China exhibition currently on view in Notthingham — has been our go-to source for tiny, daily joys lately. Often it’s the vicarious joy of children surmising the selection of “Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers! Meet Mamenchisaurus — tall as Wollaton Hall, ferocious Sinraptor, and bat-like Yi qi and many more…”

Microraptor! Almost sounds non-lethal!

That’s enough splendor of the natural world for one day. Good work China Twitter.

Cover image: China Daily

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