Photo of the Day: The France Team Helping Chinese Consumers (Maybe) Get Free Kitchen Appliances

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8:03 PM HKT, Thu June 21, 2018

This week’s photo theme is World Cup Stars Selling Shit — you can start here with Messi’s Milk.

As ever, some commercial tie-ups for the World Cup are classier than others. We’ll let you decide where Les Bleus plugging dishwashers and extractor fans for Vatti lies.

The ad is a pretty straight-up Photoshopping of some key players’ profile shots onto a… wait, what is that?

Anyway, the French squad’s association with the Chinese brand’s appliances doesn’t stop there.

Not only has the company also signed up retired French and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, they’re also running a promotion that could see customers across China get full refunds on any hobs, dishwashers, and water boiler units they’ve purchased from Vatti during the month of June.

There’s just one small catch: France have to lift the World Cup trophy in Russia. Hmm, maybe check the T&Cs on that one. Bon chance!

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