Photo of the day: Uncanny 33EMYBW Style

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11:04 PM HKT, Wed November 22, 2017

Our photo theme this week is Fashion Frontiers: fabulous looks at the far edges of contemporary Chinese culture.

In addition to being the bassist of Duck Fight Goose and a talented solo musician, Wu Shanmin — better known by her online handle, 33EMYBW — is also the creative director of Zuczug, a progressive Shanghai fashion label. Her own personal style is wildly eclectic, and is but one element of her absorbing, bewildering, sometimes kinda terrifying Instagram game:


33 made the photo up top as part of the process for designing the cover art for Medusa, her debut EP, released this month by Beijing label D Force Records. She tells RADII:

The cover art is also like a creature, on a beach, or near the sea. The EP has three tracks: “Medusa” is a reference to jellyfish, “Rana” means frog, and “Yama” is an underworld deity. I think of all of them as kind of water-related, and those are the kinds of creatures that I like. I like reptiles, I like insects, I like spiders. I think they share an aesthetic similarity to machines. They’re highly organized, even though they’re a lower species or a lower level of creature.

Read our full interview with 33 and her partner Han Han here:

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