Photo of the Day: Walking the Dog

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9:21 PM HKT, Mon October 29, 2018

Our Photo of the Day series this week shares street photography from Jan Wich-Herrlein.

Random stranger out in the narrow alleys of the city’s Old Town, where the real Shanghai and its people can still be experienced. Always fascinating to dive into this maze! (Location: Shanghai Old Town)

Above is another shot from a Shanghai alleyway. Jan says:

It’s always worth leaving the main streets: a cosy backstreet opening up close-by Saturday morning’s popular Jiashan Market (Location: near Jiashan Market)

Jan is a German photographer based in Shanghai. His day job is as a marketing manager in the sporting goods industry. Having been in China for less than a year, he’s deeply fascinated by the everyday life on the streets of the city. He feels that it is “an ordinary life at first sight, yet so familiar when you take a second look”. He shoots urban scenes, architecture, people, and travel, all on his mobile phone and a drone. Be sure to check out more photos of China through his eyes here.

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