Click-Through: Quarantine Cooking, a Comic by Krish Raghav

Check out this comic on how people in China have turned to cooking to ease the boredom and anxiety of coronavirus quarantine

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9:39 PM HKT, Fri February 28, 2020

Artist (and RADII contributor) Krish Raghav has just had a beautiful new work published in The New Yorker. Entitled “Quarantine Cooking: Finding Relief from Coronavirus Anxiety in the Kitchen,” it looks at one of the many ways that people under quarantine in China have looked to alleviate the boredom and uncertainty that comes with spending long periods indoors amid alarming reports of the spread of a deadly virus.

The story of culinary-themed catharsis in the midst of coronavirus is told with the kind of warmth, insight, and visually-pleasing presentation that are hallmarks of Krish’s work. It also weaves together food art, Laoganma chili sauce, and even a reference to Wuhan band Chinese Football.

For more on how people in China have been coping with coronavirus confinement, go here. For another example of Krish’s work, check out the story of Beijing punk band Hang on the Box below:

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