7 Girlfriends Built the Ultimate Retirement Dream Home – And Plan to Die Together In It

A group of girls in Guangzhou have built their ultimate retirement dream home - a seven-room mansion in the rice paddies of a rural village

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11:23 AM HKT, Sat July 6, 2019

Ever just feel like packing your bags, grabbing some friends, and getting away from it all? Recently, seven girlfriends in Guangzhou did exactly that, building their own retreat paradise in a village outside the city.

In 2008, fresh out of college, the seven girls became friends at their first job. A decade passed and the group thinned out, with several members moving to different cities. But they still met up once a year for an annual trip, joking about retiring together in nature.

the house before renovation

The joke became a reality when one girl discovered a piece of village property an hour outside of central Guangzhou. After touring the place, the group invested around 4 million RMB (581,000USD) to renovate a semi-finished house into a white, coastal-style mansion, complete with glass sunrooms and a natural hot spring in the front yard.

The rolling hills, rice paddy fields, and early morning mist can all be enjoyed from the custom outdoor tea pavilion, accessible from the house via a long bamboo walkway.

Inside the house, it’s sort of like seven apartments merging into one — everyone has their own private space, in addition to a downstairs common area. The house is decorated with the girls’ collection of souvenirs from around the world.

Each member is expected to study a skill to contribute to the house, such as playing music, cooking, or practicing Chinese medicine. And to raise funds for their post-retirement travels, they’ve also listed the house as a bed & breakfast homestay experience.

You can see more in this video from Yitiao:

Basically, these girls have it all figured out.

Images from Yitiao

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