Singer-Songwriter Wang Leehom Announces Divorce from Wife of 8 Years

The news has blown up on Weibo, with some netizens speculating about Wang’s sexuality and others sharing their thoughts on marriage

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Dec 15, 2021 1 mins read

On December 15, renowned American singer and songwriter Wang Leehom announced on Weibo that he and Li Jinglei, his wife, have officially filed for divorce from each other after eight years of marriage, citing “incompatible viewpoints and having different plans for life.”

“Our life is very simple, so we are not going to respond to media requests. I could have done better during this marriage, and I feel sorry for that,” said Wang in the announcement.

Wang also shared that, despite the divorce, Li and himself will always be family.

The announcement likely came as a surprise to some: A few hours earlier, Wang’s manager denied the divorce, saying the couple is still together.

The news soon blew up on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, with the hashtag ‘Wang Leehom Responds’ (#王力宏回应#) generating more than 64,000 discussions and accumulating more than 530 million views at the time of writing.

Some netizens speculated about Wang’s sexuality, while others shared their thoughts on marriage in general, with one writing, “Getting married is for happiness, so is getting a divorce, and so is not getting married.”

Another recalled the time she saw Li in attendance at one of Wang’s live performances, writing, “they looked so cute together when I was at Wang’s concert.”

Under Wang’s announcement, the most upvoted comment cited lyrics from the singer’s “Our Song”:

“Lovers break up and then get back together, but we love each other more and more.”

Wang made his debut as a teen idol in 1995. The 45-year-old has earned 19 nominations and four wins at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards and 11 wins at the Chinese Music Awards, according to his website.

The famous singer announced his marriage to Li, who hails from Taiwan, in 2013.

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