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Netflix Hit ‘Squid Game’ to Become Immersive Game at Sandbox VR

According to Sandbox VR CEO Steven Zhao, his team is taking elements of the hit Korean series ‘Squid Game’ and adapting them for maximum fun in the virtual world

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Hayley Zhao
1:14 PM HKT, Sat February 11, 2023 1 mins read

If you and your friends went head-to-head in a contest inspired by the South Korean survival drama series Squid Game, who would be the last one standing? You’ll soon be able to find out the answer, as virtual reality company Sandbox VR is teaming up with Netflix to create an immersive VR experience based on the hit TV series.

The title, set to be released in late 2023, will allow players to participate in nerve-wracking games inspired by episodes in the show.

And while no footage of Sandbox’s Squid Game VR experience has been released, gamers have reason to have high expectations — based on the elite quality of the company’s previous offerings.

When asked what gamers can expect from the new Squid Game VR experience, Sandbox VR founder and CEO Steven Zhao tells RADII, “We’re taking elements of the TV series for sure, but also building it so that it’s incredibly fun in our Sandbox VR platform.”

Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game has become one of Netflix’s best-performing shows ever. But even though the network has green-lit a second season, fans won’t be able to watch the sequel until early 2024.

Meanwhile, businesses worldwide have come up with Squid Game-inspired products to capitalize on the show’s popularity, from huge statues of deadly robot dolls to guard costumes to dalgona candies.

squid game

A Squid Game-themed event at the Korean Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi in 2021. Image via VCG

Sandbox VR, which launched in Hong Kong in 2017, now boasts branches in more than 30 cities, including London, Shanghai, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

The company offers a diverse range of VR experiences to cater to adrenaline seekers of all stripes, from adventures in space to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Sandbox VR’s current roster of games is: Star Trek: Discovery, Deadwood Valley, Deadwood Mansion, Curse of Davy Jones, Amber Sky 2088, and UFL: Unbound Fighting League.

The company’s branch in Shanghai, which has a 4.9/5 rating on the Yelp-like Chinese platform Dianping, currently charges 268 RMB (about 40 USD) per person for a 45-minute gaming session.

And while some might deem it more economical to purchase a VR headset themselves, few home kits can compare to Sandbox VR’s motion-tracking technology. Furthermore, Sandbox VR’s sprawling centers, each covering more than 5,000 square feet, comfortably accommodate large groups of friends.

“Since Sandbox VR offers full-body multiplayer experiences, expect fans to use their whole body to play and win these intense games. They can either collaborate or sabotage one another,” says Zhao.

Last but not least, the VR company also provides its customers with souvenirs by way of photos and videos.

Cover image via VCG and Depositphotos

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