Sandbox VR Arrives in London

Sandbox VR Arrives in London — Zombies and Aliens Included

In addition to a catalog of outstanding virtual gaming experiences, the VR chain’s first U.K. location boasts the nation’s first permanent robot bartender

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Matthew Bossons
1:17 PM HKT, Wed August 10, 2022 1 mins read

Londoners looking to blow the head off a zombie, embark on a swashbuckling adventure or duke it out with their mates in a futuristic combat arena will be excited to learn that VR gaming heavyweight Sandbox VR has launched its first U.K. location at Covent Garden in London.

Sandbox VR wowed gamers with its hyper-realistic virtual experiences when it first opened shop in Hong Kong in 2017. In the following years, it has since expanded around the globe, opening more than a dozen locations in the United States and Canada and four across Asia (Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, and Singapore).

The company bills itself as a social gaming adventure provider that allows participants to immerse themselves and their friends in hyper-realistic worlds.

Unlike tossing on a VR headset at home and playing games online, the company offers experiences tailored toward groups, which allows people to suit up in state-of-the-art haptic feedback suits and explore and battle with their friends in the same physical and virtual space.

Speaking from experience, we can safely say Sandbox VR experiences are the closest you’ll come at present to leaving our shared plane of existence without the assistance of a handful of psychedelics.

Sandbox VR London

The brand’s newest center in London currently offers VR-gaming enthusiasts several incredibly designed experiences to confound, excite, and frighten.

Among our favorites, Amber Sky 2088 takes gamers on a journey high above the futuristic city of New Hong Kong to halt an invading swarm of aliens and prevent an invasion of Earth. The exclusive Sandbox title features impressive graphics and sci-fi-inspired combat sequences that will make Star Wars, Dune, and Battlestar Galactica fans wet their pants in a nerdy explosion of glee.

The title Deadwood Mansion — and its recently released follow-up Deadwood Valley — are the top pick for fans of zombie apocalypse games.

While the RADII team has yet to play Deadwood Valley, we can attest that the first game in the series is a terrifying experience that pits players against a seemingly endless hoard of undead beings and beasts. (A sure hit among Resident Evil and The Last of Us fans.)

Like other Sandbox locations, after slaughtering a pile of aliens or zombies, gamers at the London location can kick back at the venue to watch highlights from their gaming experience.

The real post-gaming highlight, though, is unquestionably grabbing a cocktail made by ‘Toni’ — allegedly the U.K.’s first permanent robotic bartender, created by Italian design company Makr Shakr.

Sandbox VR gaming London

“The robotic genius ‘Toni’ can serve up to 80 drinks per hour, performing complex motions such as shaking, stirring, and muddling,” states a Sandbox press release.

Sandbox VR founder and CEO Steven Zhao tells RADII that the company plans to open more locations in the U.K. and Europe in the future.

Images via Sandbox VR

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