Tang Dynasty Fashion Goes Viral

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10:26 AM HKT, Mon March 5, 2018

Clothing designer Aoluojia (@京渝堂汉家铺子) has gone viral on Weibo with a series of Spring Festival-themed posts, in which she models a line of Tang Dynasty-inspired fashions.

CGTN reports:

A series of cheeky photos of a plus-size model gorging on sweet dumplings while wearing retro clothing is popular on the Chinese internet, as the country celebrates its traditional Lantern Festival, when these snacks are commonly eaten. The photos are self-portraits by a clothing designer specializing in the (somewhat niche!) area of Tang Dynasty-style clothes for larger women.

Aoluojia runs a shop called Jing Yu Tang (京渝堂), slinging traditional Han and Tang threads in Chongqing, but her Spring Festival photo series has attracted the attention of museums and cultural institutions in Xi’an, seat of the epochal Tang Dynasty. The Xi’an Museum — home to the best collection of Terracotta Warriors one can find outside Qin Shi Huang’s tomb itself — is particularly into it:

Find more photos from this series at Jing Yu Tang’s Weibo, and augment your own imperial wardrobe on Taobao if you’re so inclined.

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