There’s a Whole Bunch of China-Related Cinema Showing in the US this Week

A gangster grandma, a gay rabbit god, and a rich kid sent back to the factory feature among the China-related cinema offerings showing Stateside this week

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12:26 PM HKT, Wed May 1, 2019 1 mins read

Seriously, a whole bunch. Here’s what we’ve got for ya:

A Gay Chinese Rabbit God

Yup, this is Kiss of the Rabbit God, a short about falling in love with a Qing Dynasty deity from director Andrew Thomas Huang, which we already told you about here:

That’s showing again at Tribeca Film Fest on Tuesday April 30.

A Gangland-Battling Grandma

Tianjin-born actor Tsai Chin, who you might know from The Joy Luck Club, fronts a tale of “a charmingly irascible New York pensioner who finds herself caught between two Chinatown gangs after she swipes a bag of cash that doesn’t belong to her,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, which labels her performance as one of “impressive minimalism”. The Coen Brothers-esque tale comes from director Sasie Sealy, whose credits include working on Fresh Off the Boat.

This one’s also at Tribeca, with three screenings this week.

A Spoilt Factory Girl

Over on the other coast, LA’s Newport Beach Film Festival has a couple of China-related options on as it wraps up its 2019 edition. One is Emily Ting’s Go Back to China in which, “Sasha Li, a spoiled rich girl, is forced to go back to China to work for the family business after she blows through her trust fund.”

A Gritty Adoption Drama

Also at Newport Beach, but slightly different in tone is Liu Jie’s Baby, starring Yang Mi, who was recently listed as China’s fourth most valuable celebrity. This film touches on issues of adoption, congenital defects, and more and shows as part of the festival’s China Spotlight.

…And if you can’t make it to any of those, then there’s always The Wandering Earth on Netflix.

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