Costume Changes on the Subway is China’s Latest Crazy TikTok Challenge

Chinese youth are swapping everyday clothing for traditional costume, fantasy outfits, and more as part of this insane TikTok craze

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4:35 PM HKT, Thu April 18, 2019

Chinese users on Douyin (the local version of short video giant TikTok) have found a novel way to brighten up their regular commutes: time-travelling costume changes.

Basically, commuters walks into the subway wearing normal clothes, and then their outfits suddenly change to something super special when they get out of the train carriages — courtesy of a little video trickery. The premise is simple, but the results are pretty stunning.

From everyday dress to qipaos, from pyjamas to Hanfu, people are coming up with all kinds of outfits as part of the challenge.

tiktok douyin costume change china subway

And if you dig the above transformations, here’s a full 8-minute plus compilation fo some of the best ones taken from Douyin:

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