Tone-deaf Kris Wu Vocal Track Ravages Chinese Social Media

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5:48 AM HKT, Sat July 28, 2018 1 mins read

UPDATE: Oh shit guys, Kris Wu dropped his diss track. What a time to be alive. Check it out here.

Kris Wu, who by now you know to be a pet topic at RADII, is loved by millions and despised by just as many. We’ve poked fun at his freestyles before, but also given him some genuine recognition. Now Kris is back in the spotlight, this time for a leaked raw vocal track, and for the internet wildfire and deluge of diss tracks it started.

On Wednesday, three of Weibo’s top ten trending topics revolved around Kris. It all started when a user on sports forum HUPU posted an unedited clip from a previous live performance by the Rap of China judge, with the caption “how many seconds can you endure?”

Wu’s mostly female fanbase flooded into the male-dominated HUPU forums to defend their idol, with numerous fans turning to e-commerce platform Taobao to buy memberships with which to troll the forums.

From there things just got weirder. First off, Kris Wu’s management announced on Weibo that they had filed an official lawsuit against the author of the original post. Kris jumped in a few minutes later to complain about how he was being treated, and promised to issue a diss track towards those who criticized his singing.

While the A-list superstar contemplated his forthcoming diss of online forum users, other Chinese rappers jumped out to scoop up the easy win. The pick of the numerous diss tracks to emerge faster than it took Kris’ people to package something together came from rapper AR. Laid out over a classic Slick Rick boom bap beat, AR’s track is called “The Emperor’s New Clothes (Skr)” (pretty good title, since Kris is kind of China’s hip hop emperor right now, but totally naked when it comes to straight up rap skills).

Sample lyrics include: “You say you’ve been listening to hip hop since you were young / but your rap skills can’t even beat Jackson Wang‘s” and “You say you’re using your fame to help promote Chinese rap / Actually, you’re using hip hop to rinse people”. Just in case we’re in any doubt, Wes Chen from old-school Chinese hip hop crew The Park, who came up in the ’90s, joins in at the end with “Yeah you know who you are / You the definition of a ‘Culture Vulture'”.

Damn, track is hot though.

So after Kris is done going for the throats of internet commentators, he might have to step up and fight back against AR. Our guess is that he won’t, since the latter has actual bars on deck.

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