UFC Fight Pass Inks Deal With Top Chinese MMA Promotion

UFC Fight Pass subscribers will be able to catch Yin Shuai exchanging blows with Li Peng on June 4 during the main event of JCK MMA’s Fight Night

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Matthew Bossons
2:52 AM HKT, Fri June 3, 2022 1 mins read

Global MMA fans will be able to experience the mayhem of one of China’s top mixed martial arts promotions, JCK MMA, after subscription-based video streaming service UFC Fight Pass secured a multi-event agreement with the company. The next JCK MMA event is in Haikou, on China’s hot and humid Hainan Island, and will be streamed live on UFC Fight Pass on June 4 at 7 PM in China (7 AM on the United States’ East Coast; 4 AM at UFC’s headquarters in Vegas), according to a media release.

According to Tapology, the main event will be flyweight fisticuffs between Longlin Fight Club’s Yin Shuai and Quan Li Combat Club’s Li Peng.

Yin Shuai

Yin Shuai will exchange blows with Li Peng on June 4 in the main event of JCK MMA’s Fight Night in Haikou

For those unacquainted with China’s burgeoning MMA scene (we recommend you check out episodes one and two of RADII’s documentary on Chinese MMA, Way of the Warrior), JCK was founded in 2020 and has since held more than 340 individual bouts over 51 events.

The fight promotion operates a tournament-style format separated into seasons. Participating athletes are promised five fights each season to determine fighter rankings.

Li Peng

Li Peng channeling his inner Shaolin monk

“It’s a historical moment for JCK MMA to be the first-ever Chinese promotion on UFC Fight Pass,” said Joe Qiaobo, director of international development at JCK MMA, in a media release. “This partnership showcases JCK in front of a global audience. We are proud to have JCK represent Chinese MMA on a world stage.”

Thirty-eight athletes from a range of weight classes are participating in the 2022 season, which boasts several noteworthy additions, including a women’s strawweight division and three new men’s divisions (middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight).

The current season will conclude with a finale where winning fighters walk away with an oh-so-sweet 1 million RMB (approximately 150,000 USD).

For MMA fans unfamiliar with JCK MMA, former Bellator athlete and current JCK Fight Night commentator Vaughn Anderson tells RADII that they can expect elite athleticism from fighters on the UFC’s radar.

“The focus of athletics in China is often immediately as a career path. This same mentality that brings China so much Olympic success also propels combat sports talent up the ladder quickly,” says Anderson. “JCK showcases top new blood, well-trained, well-rounded, well-conditioned — all gunning for that huge payoff and glory JCK offers to every division winner every year.”

According to the press release, several current UFC Academy athletes are participating in this JCK season, such as Shang Zhifa, E Yong, Zhu Kangjie, Cui Liucai, Jiniushiyue, and Taiyilake. Previous seasons of JCK featured UFC Academy alumni Shayilan Nuerdanbieke, who now trades blows in the UFC’s Octagon.

Hungry to learn more about China’s MMA scene? Then take a look at our Way of the Warrior series.

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