Here’s the Coolest/Creepiest Spider Robot You’ll See Today

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3:40 AM HKT, Sat August 19, 2017

Sweet spinning robots! Beijing-based startup Vincross has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its flagship product, HEXA, which is described as a “Programmable, Highly Maneuverable Robot.” In fact it is a slightly creepy spider-bot that can write it’s own name and kinda climb stairs as retro-futuristic synthesizer music tinkles in the background:

Ok, ok… it’s not a spider, it only has six legs. It’s a hexapoda-bot. Moving on.

Here’s TechNode with a solid synopsis of what HEXA actually does:

HEXA can walk, climb and carry things, navigating with a 720p camera, night vision, a gravity sensor, three-axis accelerometer, distance measuring sensors (lasers), infrared transmitter and has other features such as WiFi and multiple ports for add-ons and connections. It has even beaten Apple to wireless charging.

In addition to HEXA, Vincross has also developed MIND, an operating system and software development kit for the tinkerers and makers of the world to more easily program their own funky robotic behaviors.

If this sounds like you, scope out HEXA’s Kickstarter below (click the “K” in the video). And do it kinda soon — they exceeded their $100k fundraising goal within days of launching the campaign, and have a limited supply of HEXA’s to spread around the early adopter community.


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