Watch Chengdu Band ST.OL.EN Perform at 3,500m Above Sea Level

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6:11 PM HKT, Tue March 20, 2018

Chengdu band ST.OL.EN – who we’ve previously called one of the hardest working in China, and who were largely responsible for Mark Reeder likening their home city to ’70s Manchester – have released a series of videos of them performing at 3,500 metres above sea level.

In the fall of 2017, the six piece shrugged off any concerns about altitude sickness and took to the Siguniang Shan (“Four Sisters Mountains”) area of western Sichuan to perform songs as the sun went down. A blurb on their YouTube page states that:

The main reason we want to make our band grow bigger is basically just to have the opportunity to come to play as close to your home as possible…So this mountain trip was a kind of training…Now we are ready to play in any conditions, anywhere on earth

The videos began emerging in late February, but the final part just went up late last week. You can watch the whole collection below.

And you can read more about the band – who are likely to release their second LP later this year – right here:

Discover more alternative Chinese music here:

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