Watch: Experimental Music Performances in a Historic Shanghai Courtyard

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10:30 PM HKT, Sat April 21, 2018

Located on a leafy former French Concession street in Shanghai, Yongfoo Elite is a former British, Russian, and Vietnamese consulate that these days is best known for hosting a two Michelin star restaurant. But recently the venue has been using its atmospheric grounds to hold some interesting live music performances (in addition to a regular showcase of experimental music in their bohemian cocktail bar Keep It Quiet).

Exhibit A: American-born Grammy Award-winning electric cellist Dana Leong, who played a birthday concert in celebration of the release of his first album Anthems of Life in March.

Exhibit B: Oklahoma-born, Dali-based multi-instrumentalist Li Daiguo performing pieces on the pipa and cello earlier this month.

Read more about both artists below.

Cover image: Dana Leong at Yongfoo Elite (courtesy of Tektonik)

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