Watch: We Tried Bizarre Giant Gummy Candies from the Depths of Taobao

Online market Taobao has everything you could ever ask for, and in an effort to experience the breadth of its offerings, we ate like five pounds of gummies

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1:42 AM HKT, Sat July 27, 2019

We Tried is a series where RADII staff try out unique foods, experiences, and phenomena in China. Drop us a line if you have a suggestion.

Ah, Taobao. The e-commerce platform on which China runs.

Founded by Alibaba in 2003, the online marketplace now ships packages all over China and the world — and the diversity of available products can be staggering. If you need portable, one-man saunas, or sneaky mahjong tiles with markings only visible through special contact lenses, or if you just need someone to call up your ex and yell at them, Taobao has you covered.

This time around, we just dived in, and ordered like five pounds of giant gummy candies from Hubei province. Next time, who knows?

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