Chinese Designer Angel Chen Launching Capsule Collection with H&M

The 45-piece collection, on shelves this fall, marks a first for H&M collaborating with a Chinese designer

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3 years ago 1 mins read

Angel Chen is releasing a capsule collection with H&M this fall, making her the first-ever Chinese designer to do so.

WWD reports that the 45-piece collection, which launches in September, will be a “summary of Chen’s greatest hits” over the last several seasons. Her designs tend towards bright, punchy colors and traditional Chinese motifs. (We previously wrote about her label as one of our nine to watch in 2019.)


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Chen also told WWD that she refreshed many of her pieces’ colorways and material for the new collection, and worked closely with the H&M team to better integrate sustainability into her brand. The collection will be available at stores across Asia and North America.

Born in Shenzhen, Chen is quickly becoming one of the biggest Chinese success stories from Central St. Martin’s fashion design program. She was also featured last year at New York Fashion Week’s China Day, organized by e-commerce platform TMall. H&M’s decision to work with Chen casts a promising light on Chinese independent designers whose work is beginning to get recognized on a global scale.


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Header image: Weibo

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