Travel to China on Zoom: Hand-Pulled Noodle Class, Murder, and More

Bespoke Travel Company, a Beijing-based a-la-carte tour agency is adapting to the times and bringing the "travel" to you with a series of online lectures

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1:18 PM HKT, Fri April 10, 2020

Bespoke Travel Company, a Beijing- and Shanghai-based tour agency is adapting to the times and bringing the “travel” to you: the company has unveiled a “Bespoke Speaker Series” that will bring together seven China experts for a series of lectures and talks — over Zoom, of course.

The series covers a range of topics from history to cooking, all taught by award-winning authors, scholars, and chefs.


Classes include “All the Tea in China: A masterclass in tea appreciation” taught by “tea guru” and founder of travel company Shanghai & Beyond, Tracy Lesh.

If tea’s not your thing, try “Murders of Old China: The foreigners caught up in China’s most controversial killings, and the mysteries solved a century later,” taught by New York Times bestselling author Paul French.

Or if you want courtly intrigue, we recommend “The Life of Empress Dowager Cixi: China’s most remarkable and misunderstood ruler just happened to be a woman,” by the inimitable Jeremiah Jenne, also a regular RADII contributor.

Other subjects include a beginner course in making hand-pulled noodles, and training techniques behind an ancient Chinese workout, to name a couple.

Sessions will be held on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday starting April 14 to May 5, for you or the budding sinophile in your life. Passes for the Bespoke series are available here.

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