Digital Influencer Drops Collab NFT at Crypto Fashion Week

The short audio-visual clips feature RUBY 9100M modeling 3D garments created by The Fabricant

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Matthew Bossons
12:06 AM HKT, Fri September 17, 2021 1 mins read

Another day, another NFT drop to discuss: Transhuman hottie RUBY 9100M has partnered with digital fashion house The Fabricant to release two non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the digital art marketplace SuperRare.

The digital collectibles, dubbed “Empress of the Metaverse” and “The Empress’ Crown,” are short audio-visual clips featuring RUBY 9100M modeling 3D garments designed and created by The Fabricant.

In “Empress of the Metaverse,” RUBY 9100M dons a puffer corset adorned “with vest details to embody femininity in the metaverse.” The outfit is paired with a vibrantly colored handbag modeled on the Asian windflower. “The Empress’ Crown,” meanwhile, is a shiny silver headdress that is intended to represent “the majesty of the empress.”

The “Empress of the Metaverse” NFT shows RUBY 9100M in a puffer corset adorned with a handbag modeled on the Asian windflower

A separate one-of-one NFT collab by RUBY 9100M and The Fabricant will be auctioned on September 17 as part of Crypto Fashion Week’s inaugural Meta Gala, a virtual experience and digital fashion event inspired by the famed Met Gala — which is just so 2020s.

According to a press release from Club Media, proceeds from the NFT auction will go to “supporting independent digital fashion designers to promote and facilitate a more equal, equitable, and democratic fashion industry.”

“With this collaboration, our aim was to emphasize and reclaim the innocence of the femme energy and the playfulness of how female beings used to rule empires,” says Amber Slooten, co-founder and creative director of The Fabricant. “We were so inspired by Wu Zetian, the first female empress who disrupted the gender binary by allowing women to wear what were traditionally men’s clothes.”

For those not in the know, RUBY 9100M is an imagined transhuman created by Hong Kong-based digital artist Ruby Chan Ka Yu. RUBY 9100M, an eclectic combination of mechanical perfection and human fragility, has nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with brands and artists ranging from Nike and Vogue to Grimes and Jackson Wang.

“Generation Z is the new revolution in fashion and art. The rebirth of Chinese empress and Victorian queendom, the Renaissance is now. It’s been such a great exchange of culture during the process of designing this piece together,” says a quote attributed to RUBY 9100M in Club Media’s press release.

A full-body augmented reality Snapchat filter of the dress RUBY 9100M wears in the NFT has been released to celebrate the novel collaboration. Additionally, a filter of RUBY 9100M’s crown will be released on the Chinese photo-editing app Meitu on September 17.

Chinese artists seem to be taking an increased interest in NFTs. One notable example is the recent drop of an NFT music video by Chinese hip hop stalwarts Psy.P and KnowKnow, of Higher Brothers fame, and fellow Chengdu rapper Ty.

All images via Club Media

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