Happy (Belated) World Pangolin Day

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10:06 PM HKT, Mon February 19, 2018

Did World Pangolin Day totally pass you by this past Saturday? Us too, but better late than never to give a special nod to everyone’s favorite scaly anteater.

Over on Twitter, Xueting Christine Ni celebrates by reposting an anti-pangolin-poaching ad spotted last May in Guangzhou:

US-based NGO WildAid has taken the lead in counteracting the illicit poaching of pangolins, which are sometimes used in Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments across China and Southeast Asia. These treatments are of dubious medicinal value, and have led to the pangolin becoming “the world’s most heavily-trafficked wild mammals,” according to WildAid.

The NGO has rallied some A-list celebrities to the cause, including Jackie Chan, who does some fun choreography in a video entitled Kung Fu Pangolin to raise awareness of the issue:

Learn more about WildAid’s pangolin program here.

Cover image: WildAid

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