New Music: “Home Fitness” Charity Compilation Aims to Banish Covid-19 Confinement Blues

House and techno offerings from an array of Chinese and international producers - all for a good cause

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5:46 PM HKT, Fri March 13, 2020 1 mins read

New Music, formerly Yin (音, “music”), is a weekly RADII column that looks at Chinese songs spanning hip hop to folk to modern experimental, and everything in between. Drop us a line if you have a suggestion.

Events this week including the visit of a certain VIP and the planned reopening of the city’s airport are clear signals that China’s authorities are looking to ease the restrictions placed on Wuhan, which has been at the heart of the Covid-19 outbreak. But the effects will clearly be felt for some time.

Like many of us, Beijing-based music collective DCYY have wondered how they can help. Their solution has been to put together a wide-ranging compilation of electronic music from 20 different producers, with proceeds going to Firefly Plan for “the purchase of protective clothing, diapers, sanitary pads and other essential items needed by frontline medical staff.”

Available on Bandcamp, the compilation is also aimed at providing some musical relief for those still cooped up in apartments. “We hope to raise some money to help those fighting against the epidemic, while also bringing some of those trapped at home together with some new music to ease out some anxiety,” say the organizers.


Wherever you are in the world and regardless of whether you’re currently under quarantine or not, the compilation is worthy of your attention — and is in support of a cause that’s worthy of you opening your wallet.


The record is packed full of solid house tracks — early highlights include Chengdu house producer B.AI’s “光” (“Light”) and “Sculpture,” by CTAFAD (aka Shanshui Records founder Sulumi) — as well as RADII faves, such as Shanghai-based producer Goooooose who contributes “Elliptical Trainer”:


“Cytokine Storm,” a collaboration between Shanghai-based artists Alex Wang and Felicita, and “Invader” from Beijing-based Out of Fashion Boys founder Luxixi, add a little combative edge to things, while Changchun-born bedroom producer Yikii (pictured up top) delivers another welcome dose of weirdness.

The compilation ends with a short, but very sweet track from Yang Ji, accompanied by a psychedelic workout video. Having fallen in with Hangzhou’s Function Lab collective, Yang Ji has swapped her indie-rock roots for the kind of interesting electronic music that’s become synonymous with that crew, and the results so far have been fantastic:



After being released last week, the compilation has already raised hundreds of dollars for Firefly Plan, something you can add to by heading to the record’s Bandcamp page here.

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