Huawei Just Released the Lightest VR Headset on the Market

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2:01 PM HKT, Fri December 20, 2019

Huawei’s new VR headset is here, and it might be the lightest unit on the market (you don’t count, Google Cardboard).

The headset, called Huawei VR Glass, costs 2,999RMB (428.65USD) and is promoted as a new lightweight entry point to VR. It sits 26.6 mm around the lens barrel, and weighs 166 grams — compare that to 1.98 pounds on the original Oculus Rift, or 468 grams on the trimmed-down Oculus Go. Users have access to Huawei’s VR platform of 100+ mobile VR games and enhanced movies due to their strategic collaboration with IMAX.

VR Glass made a small splash in the tech world when it was unveiled in October during the Mate 30 series smartphone launch. Reviews and responses since then have been generally positive, praising the unit’s light weight and prescription adjustment feature.

The product’s promotional video shows a linked functionality between the VR Glass and the Huawei Watch GT II smartwatch, as Huawei aims to expand its ecosystem beyond phones.

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